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You can't pressure me because I've won 45 honors in my career, Efya said to her detractors.
You can't pressure me because I've won 45 honors in my career, Efya said to her detractors.

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You can’t pressure me because I’ve won 45 awards in my career, Efya said to her detractors.

Notable Ghanaian singer-songwriter Efya Nokturnal has made it clear that, in contrast to other musicians, she doesn’t feel under pressure to become well-known worldwide.

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In an interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, Efya expressed her belief that gaining global fame is a matter of time and that she is not in a rush to release any projects in order to expedite the process.

It’s just a process, so I’m not under any pressure. It’s simply time, but I think I’ll get there. I don’t have to rush myself to go and accomplish something only to make something total because everyone has various schedule. I take my time; everything I do is prearranged and deliberate. She remarked, “I’m not rushing to do things.”

Efya voiced her apathy when asked how she would answer to admirers who question why, in spite of her lengthy career in the music industry, she has yet to win any international accolades.

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“I am not thinking about what they are thinking… I have won about 45 awards in my career,” she remarked. I should have it first.

She went on to demand a halt to “unnecessary comparisons” between musicians, pointing out that Ghana’s music business lacks the financial resources available to musicians in other countries, most notably Nigeria.

“Where we are from, the industry is not as large as it is elsewhere. Please give up comparing. We lack the financial support that the majority of these artists do in order to sign with major labels and obtain access to some of the things that these individuals enjoy,” the speaker stated.

Efya’s remarks follow the current discussion about the status of the Ghanaian music business and musician performances. The 2024 release of the document has rekindled the issue.

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