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Yaa Asantewaa
Yaa Asantewaa


Yaa Asantewaa Receives Tribute From Miss Universe Ghana In The Preliminary National Costume Competition.


In the United States of America, the 71st Miss Universe pageant is presently being held.

In the preliminary national costume competition on January 11, Ghana’s entrant, Engracia Mofuman, shone well in an outfit honoring Ghana’s legendary female warrior, Yaa Asantewaa.

The “Women of Wonder” national costume worn by Engracia, according to a statement on the official Miss Ghana Universe Instagram page, is a sophisticated cross between courage and monarchy. The fundamental elements of the outfit are a trident, a ball gown, a traditional stool headdress, and a bustier made of golden armor.
The golden armor and trident “depict the unique, heroic valor demonstrated by the first and only known female war leader, Yaa Asantewaa, the gatekeeper of the Golden Stool who led an army of 5000 warriors in the military regiment of the ancient Asante Empire,” according to the article.

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Check the video below;

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The ball gown’s bottom half, which is made of gold satin, has pictures of both educated and illiterate women who played important roles in Ghana’s political liberation, and the traditional stool headdress suggests that the wearer is willing to lead through service.

The gown is intended to honor the strong female forces that fought for our independence and to serve as a reminder to the world that women were also capable leaders. It also conveys the idea that we should honor women as heroes.

Engracia wants to send a powerful statement that women are more than simply reproductive organs by wearing this outfit.

Additionally, Engracia displayed audacity during the swimsuit competition.

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She took the stage wearing a crimson bathing suit and the “Tree of Aspirations” cape, an unique creation by Kuukua the Artist.

The artwork “seeks to generate awareness of the hazards of illicit small scale mining, empower them, and equip them for a brighter tomorrow” and consists of three components: a tree, a kid, and a stream of water.

Let’s check up the video below;

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A post shared by MISS UNIVERSE GHANA® (@missuniverseghana_)

Ghanaian fans of Engracia cheered her on her her first speech on the Miss Universe platform and hoped and prayed that she would win the competition.


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