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    Twitter has fired all of its employees in Ghana : See Why?

    Twitter has fired nearly all of its employees in Ghana, less than a week after billionaire Elon Musk took over the company.

    According to a source, only one person remained in the nearly 20-person team.

    “The company is reorganising its operations in order to reduce costs,” said Fidelma Callaghan, Director of People Services, in an email to employees.

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    Mr Musk promised to make significant changes at Twitter, including layoffs worldwide.

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    Elon MuskThe termination emails were sent to Ghana employees’ personal accounts after they were denied access to their work accounts.

    Staff were warned not to “contact or deal with any customers, clients, authorities, banks, suppliers, or other employees of the company, and are required to notify the company if contacted.” “It’s extremely offensive. The whole thing. From the mail to the lack of next steps to the letter’s tone. Simply everything. “It’s ridiculously insulting,” a disgruntled employee told the BBC.

    The letter informed employees that their last day of work would be December 4, but warned them not to seek other employment before that date.

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    “You must ensure that the company is aware of your whereabouts and how you can be reached during each working day to ensure your availability during the transition of responsibilities,” the notice states.

    In Ghana, employment law requires at least three months’ notice of termination.

    It also requires that redundancy pay be negotiated between the organization and the employee or trade union.

    Twitter announced last year that it would open its first Africa office, but its commitment to the continent is now in doubt.

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