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This story I’m about to share was inspired by my kid sister Princess Marcia Afful and assisted by Ms. Sarah Degraft Hanson ( @sarahhanson4488 )

The enthusiasm of my kid sis and the rush to tell me how she loosed a tooth in school some few days ago filled my mind with memories of my childhood and how I reacted and felt about same experiences.

Living in an African and Ghanaian society, we have so many myths that surrounds loosing a tooth(teeth) just as the western part of the world does have myth regarding tooth fairy even though modernism is causing such to fade.


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“I remember as a kid anytime I loosed my tooth(teeth), I was asked to throw it on the rooftop and jubialte in any form that I can as sometimes a bucket is beaten as a drum for me to dance.


The notion behind it was that the loosed tooth(teeth) won’t grow back or bad luck will come to me if I ever failed to do the above when the teeth spirit comes around.


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Well I didn’t ever witness if that was true or not because I always did what needed to be done ” ~ Ms. Sarah Degraft Hanson


The above story is common and sounds familiar to most of us but maybe in different ways I guess


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One lesson I ever learned from loosing my teeth is based on how I felt whenever I forcefully pulled out my shaking tooth (teeth) as a kid and makes me recall an African Proverb that goes as

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“If you forcefully pull out your tooth, it is blood that comes out of your mouth”


And same applies to life as we live daily; you have to gradually live life and allow things to naturally fall in place than rushing things out. The end result of rushing things out always leads to pain, distress and discomfort just like how we fell pulling out our teeth

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?: @kwesitheartist


Story: @sarahhanson4488 & @kwesitheartist

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Story Editor: @ewuraadwoa_jk

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