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The Africa Rising Music Conference has announced its prestigious Ambassador Program for 2023.
The Africa Rising Music Conference has announced its prestigious Ambassador Program for 2023.


The Africa Rising Music Conference has announced its prestigious Ambassador Program for 2023.

The highly anticipated Ambassador Program at the Africa Rising Music Conference (ARMC) acknowledges and celebrates five women who are making a major contribution in their respective industries. The documentary focuses on their influence and impact on diverse communities and movements.

ARMC has collaborated with Mtn BushFire Festival, Mint Digital, Lift Airlines, and Bridges for Music to provide participants a well-rounded experience that includes fascinating speakers, workshop, and activation curation. The conference will be held at the Hallmark Hotel in Johannesburg on May 23 and 24, 2023.

Meet the Representatives

Megatronic is a DJ and Culture Curator.

Femme Fest is in attendance.

Megatronic has established herself in the worldwide dance scene as a DJ, musician, and, above all, a lively cultural producer, always finding a way to create a bright palette of words, melody, and stage dramatics. Megatronic has almost 20 years of self-taught industry experience under her belt, including time spent as a consultant, artist management, and even a radio DJ.

Fundi is an artist and producer.

Bridges for Music is represented.

Fundiswa Mbambani, also known as Fundi, was born and raised in Langa, Cape Town’s oldest township, surrounded and inspired by musical legends and heroes such as Brenda Fasssie. Music became a calling for her after she was inspired by all of those renowned personalities.

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She is a DJ, aspiring tour guide/tourism entrepreneur, isiXhosa instructor on occasion, intercultural expert, Bridges academy alumna, and Langa native. Her two biggest highlights will be opening for the duet “GoldFish” in 2021 and then playing sets at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2022.

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Namakau Star – ARMC Representative

Songwriter, Singer, and Producer

Namakau Star is a South African-born singer-songwriter, rapper, speaker, award-winning copywriter, and creative director. Namakau Star is an alternative R&B and Hip-Hop artist with a sharp pen and a refreshing vocal approach to music. She mixes words with deep melodies, seamlessly moving between poetry and singing.

Phelisa Network and Community Developer

Viva Con Agua is standing in for

Phelisa is a Viva Con Agua South Africa representative, and her job within the organization is Community and Network Developer. She works hands-on at an organization that inspires and connects all for water. This purpose extends beyond fundraising to include targeted education and awareness campaigns aimed at underprivileged populations.

The conference this year will include a broad mix of local and foreign delegates, with an emphasis on Zambia and Germany. It will feature a diverse range of seminars, activations, and performances focused on the hip hop, indie, and electronic music sectors, as well as the Afro-Euro relationship.

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“The Africa Rising Music Conference is more than simply a conference; it’s a platform to bring together a varied group of women making a meaningful difference in the music business and beyond,” said Naimah Global, one of the program’s ambassadors.

Get your tickets today and join us in honouring Megatronic, Fundi, Naimah Global, Namakau Star, and Phelisa, five remarkable women.

Tickets are now available here: ARMC 2023 Tickets


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