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    After a fatal fight with COVID-19, I reduced weight without undergoing surgery - Teni
    After a fatal fight with COVID-19, I reduced weight without undergoing surgery - Teni

    Celeb News

    After a fatal struggle with COVID-19, I reduced weight without undergoing surgery – Teni

    Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter Teni has denied rumors that she had liposuction to lose weight.

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    Teni, who has been working hard to reduce weight naturally, expressed disappointment at the rumors that keep coming out. She revealed that she followed a stringent two-month “strict diet” to get her current body.

    Teni made it clear that her tummy would have been flat by now if she had chosen to have surgery. She put it this way: “I experienced a lot. I underwent numerous transformations. Some unfortunate people said I had surgery because I dropped weight.

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    She went on, “My stomach would be flat if I had surgery. I wish I hadn’t been afraid. Surgery is not a simple procedure. It poses a hazard to life. Getting surgery is not an easy process. I followed a rigorous diet. Consult my supervisors. Absent carbohydrates. I spent two months following an intense diet.”

    She emphasized the difficulties of keeping discipline during the procedure, adding that it also taught her the value of mental discipline.

    Teni highlighted the need of discipline in developing mental and physical strength despite the challenges. She recounted the concessions made, such as skipping communal meals when attending social events.

    Teni disclosed that her decision to reduce her weight was a result of escaping two potentially fatal COVID-19 episodes in 2020 and 2021. She decided to start losing weight after the virus’s second episode in January 2022 because she saw it as an essential first step toward putting her health and wellbeing first.

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