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"Single" Delay says, "I miss being in love."
"Single" Delay says, "I miss being in love."

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“Single” Delay says, “I miss being in love.”

Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay, is a well-known TV personality and businesswoman who has opened up about her amorous life.

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The well-known broadcaster expressed her desire for the warmth and company of love on her WhatsApp channel.

The straightforward statement from Delay to her fans, “I miss being in love, Wheeew,” struck a chord with them and raised questions and concerns about the well-known person’s private life.

The businesswoman, who is renowned for her strong and self-reliant demeanor, shocked a lot of people with this open and sincere admission.

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Social media users are speculating about the reasons behind her protracted abstinence from a romantic engagement in response to the discovery.

Although she has never revealed much about her personal life, Delay has not yet given more information regarding the circumstances leading to her current relationship status. Nonetheless, the TV host’s candor has won her over admirers who value her sincerity and readiness to express her feelings.

It’s unclear if Delay’s sincere message will spark a new chapter in her love life or if it will act as a time for introspection for the well-known figure as word of it spreads over the internet. Fans are excitedly anticipating any updates on Delay’s romantic journey and are sending her good vibes during this time of introspection, that much is certain.

Deloris Frimpong Manso recently declared her want to start a family.

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It was rumored that the TV host was dating rapper Amerado, although she has been single for some time.

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