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    Shatta Wale's success is attributed to Kay Smooth, who claims, "I Made Him Who He Is Today"
    Shatta Wale's success is attributed to Kay Smooth, who claims, "I Made Him Who He Is Today"


    Shatta Wale’s success is attributed to Kay Smooth, who claims, “I Made Him Who He Is Today”

    Recent accusations by singer Kay Smooth that he introduced Shatta Wale to the late Terry Bonchaka, whom Shatta has credited with influencing his music career, have shaken the Ghanaian music business. Kay Smooth said that Shatta Wale should always be thankful to him for connecting him with Terry Bonchaka in an interview on Power FM’s entertainment show.

    Although Shatta Wale has not yet addressed Kay Smooth’s allegations, this information has sparked a discussion among followers and business insiders regarding who should be given credit for Shatta Wale’s success. Shatta Wale frequently pays tribute to Terry Bonchaka on the anniversary of his demise since it is commonly known that the musician had a significant effect on his music. But if it’s true that Kay Smooth introduced the two performers, then perhaps he too merits some praise.

    It’s not only about who introduced them to whom, of course. Shatta Wale’s success is the product of a variety of elements, including his own abilities and laborious efforts, as well as the encouragement of his followers, bandmates, and business professionals. However, in the music business, where connections and collaborations can make or break a career, the importance of influencers and connectors cannot be understated.

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    The allegation made by Kay Smooth may appear to be an attempt to cash in on Shatta Wale’s popularity, or it may actually be an indication of his own significance in the Ghanaian music industry. Whatever the circumstances, it is obvious that this disclosure has started a debate about how crucial it is in the music business to give credit where credit is due.
    It is important to note that Shatta Wale has been involved in a number of issues over the years, such as plagiarism claims and disputes with other singers. The intricate web of connections and rivalries that makes up the Ghanaian music industry is further complicated by this most recent assertion by Kay Smooth.

    Despite the controversy, it is obvious that Shatta Wale has developed into one of Ghana’s most popular and significant singers right now. Whether Kay Smooth deserves credit for his success or not, there is no denying that Shatta Wale has had a tremendous effect on both the music business and Ghanaian society at large.

    In the end, there may never be a definitive answer to the question of who created Shatta Wale the person he is today. But one thing is for certain: His music has had a profound impact on millions of listeners, and his legacy will continue to motivate and influence future generations of musicians.

    Check the interview below;

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