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Shatta Wale goes on his knees to apologise for his absence at Hogbetsotso festival
Shatta Wale goes on his knees to apologise for his absence at Hogbetsotso festival

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Shatta Wale gets down on his knees to apologize for missing the Hogbetsotso festival.

Shatta WaleThe “On God” singer was scheduled to play at the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave festival in Tegbi, Volta Region, which was sponsored by Ebony Condoms.

According to rumors, Shatta, the event’s headliner, arrived in town for the festival, but departed after a disagreement with one of the event’s organizers concerning an appearance for an interview.
Shatta’s absence from the event grounds sparked some friction between attendees and event organizers.

Shatta wale turned to social media after being accused of violating his contract by failing to show up for the performance to explain his side of the story.

A few weeks later, on the recommendation of media personality Bola Ray, he paid a visit to the Ebony Condoms offices to make an official apology.

Blogger Ronnie documented their tour with videos and images. Bola is heard stating in one of the tapes, “That’s why we’re here.” It’s a shame what occurred…”

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Bola Ray turned over to Shatta Wale after his speech, who instantly fell down on his knees to humbly apologize for his behavior.

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But before he could bring both knees to the ground, Joseph Addo-Yobo, the executive director of Total Family Health Organisation and the brand owner of Ebony Condoms, grabbed the musician and ushered him to his seat after he (Shatta Wale) shared a hug with him and the lady among them who said it was unnecessary wasn’t the reason for their gathering.

The officials there were taken aback by his (Shatta Wale’s) actions.

See photographs and videos below.

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