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    broken heart
    broken heart


    Please What Should I Do ?? I Still Love Her And My Guy Is The Only Friend I Have (Life Story)

    A young man narrates his story, check below:

    I am someone who has always been scared to be in a relationship…I work and honestly my family are rich so I have never taught of needed cause I felt like I already have money. So I don’t want stress, so I had a male best friend who told me.

    It’s high time I date a girl to experience it and see how it is then I was ok ..I taught to myself why don’t I try we went to this party and I saw a girl there I don’t know but I felt something. she is very beautiful guys.
    So I told my friend to talk to her ..was very shy then later on he came with the girls number and told me he spoke to her and the girl said I should text her ..I got home and the first thing I did was to text her we talked for sometime.
    And I started having feelings for this girl I told her we should date and she agreed …guys I give this girl everything. 350gh every week and sometimes she wants this and that …but it was not a deal with me cause I want her happy
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    So one day I was with her and someone started calling so many times …I asked who was that and she said her dad but she does not want to pick and I said ok ..the next time too the same thing I felt something was not right
    So there was a day she went for a marriage ceremony when she came she was very tired and she slept I took her phone and immediately someone texted her are you coming to my place today?
    But the persons name was saved daddy
    So I did not ask her ..I told my best friend and he said it’s nothing but he feels the girl is genuine …but I was still having doubts …so I wanted to just settle my mind once and for all ..she came to my place and I told her I want
    To send Momo to someone but it’s not working so she should let me use her phone to send I will refund to her later then she gave me the code ..I went through that chats and I saw -I hope we have sex tonight also like the other time
    The name was saved daddy ..I checked the number and it was my best friends number …I went through the chats ..he was asking her did I send her money so she can give him his share and they even shared nude pics … and it was a whole lot
    My heart broke and I even wanted to cry but I hold on cause I couldn’t do that infront of her and I gave her the phone and she was asking me money for the dress she asked about the other time and I told her I will send it to her later
    She got home …bruh I cried I won’t lie to you ..I love this girl and I paid a lot „I didn’t matter cause I wanted her to be happy and my best friend …I still don’t understand.that niqger means a lot to me ❤️❤️
    So she got home and I just blocked her number ..I didn’t say anything and I blocked them both ..she used different numbers and started calling and texting .. ignored all -I don’t want to say anything to hurt her but I am really really hurt
    It happened two days now and I have locked myself in the room mom and dad kept asking but I couldn’t open the door ..I just feel like not talking but I have not been eating and I am hurting
    Please what should I do ..I am really hurting and going through alot parents are very emotional and I can’t tell them anything and the only person I discuss things about my life was my best friend and he betrayed me .
    I betrayed by Friends cause I feel people want my money but not me I am all alone ..! just want to share my experience ..please what should I do ?? I still love her and my guy is the only friend I have ..what should I do??


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