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    Only blue tick users will be able to vote in Twitter polls on policy, according to Elon Musk.

    After a majority of users voted for him to resign, Elon Musk stated that Twitter will only allow accounts with a blue tick to vote on policy changes.
    Mr Musk conducted a Twitter poll asking if he should stand down as CEO, and 57.5% of respondents said yes.

    He has not commented directly on the poll’s outcome since then.
    However, he has stated that Twitter would change its regulations so that only users who pay for a membership will be able to vote on business policies.

    According to one user, so-called bots appeared to have voted significantly in the poll about Mr Musk’s position at the company. The claim piqued Mr Musk’s interest, he claimed.

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    When he conducted the poll, the billionaire stated that he would accept the results. If he does step down as CEO, he will still own Twitter.

    Former Twitter vice president Bruce Daisley compared any prospective shift to the job of a football manager. “The chairman is still in place, and Elon Musk will be that ever-present voice in the back of the room,” he said on the BBC’s Today show.

    Mr Musk’s plans, on the other hand, remain unknown. Despite the fact that CNBC in the United States tweeted on Tuesday that “Mr Musk is actively looking for a new CEO for Twitter”, “Mr Musk reacted with two laughing emojis.”

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    In reaction to a tweet stating that Twitter Blue users “Should be the only ones who may vote in policy polls. “We truly have skin in the game,” Mr Musk said: “Good point, Twitter will make that change”.
    Twitter’s paid-for verification tool was reintroduced last week after its first rollout was halted. Subscribers receive a “blue tick” for $8 a month, or $11 if they use the Twitter app on an Apple device.

    A blue tick was previously utilized as a free verification tool for high-profile accounts as a symbol of validity.
    Mr Musk conducted a poll on his future as CEO on Monday. More than 17.5 million people voted, and the vast majority supported his resignation.

    Twitter poll for elon musk to step down as ceo

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    While the vote was running, he responded to one user who said there was no alternative CEO in the works, saying: “Nobody wants the responsibility of keeping Twitter alive. There will be no replacement.”

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    Since taking over the site, the technology mogul, who also owns Tesla and Space X, has endured a barrage of criticism.
    He has obeyed the results of his Twitter polls in the past and cited the term “vox populi, vox dei”, a Latin phrase which approximately translates “the voice of the people is the voice of God”.

    Mr Musk purchased Twitter in October for $44 billion (£36 billion) after attempting to back out of the transaction.

    He has been chastised for his approach to content filtering since taking over, with some civil rights groups accusing him of encouraging hate speech and disinformation.

    The United Nations and the European Union slammed him on Friday for Twitter’s move to suspend certain journalists who cover the social media company. He has also sacked over half of Twitter’s employees.
    Mr Daisley stated that Mr Musk’s behaviour provided a “hint” into what he was thinking through his responses to people.

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    “He does seem to be quibbling with the vote,” he added.

    Mr Musk has also been accused of ignoring his electric vehicle firm Tesla, which accounts for the majority of his riches. Tesla stock has dropped more than 60% this year, with critics claiming that Musk’s fixation with Twitter is hurting the company.

    Last Monday, Leo KoGuan, Tesla’s third largest individual shareholder, demanded that Musk resign as CEO of the electric vehicle manufacturer.
    “Elon has left Tesla, and the company currently lacks a CEO. Tesla requires and deserves a functioning full-time CEO “He tweeted about it.

    Source: BBC

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