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    Nana Kwame Bediako: I am the man wearing the mask.
    Nana Kwame Bediako: I am the man wearing the mask.


    Nana Kwame Bediako: I am the man wearing the mask.

    With his colorful “The New Force” campaign, Nana Kwame Bediako, the enigmatic “Man in the Mask,” caused controversy in the political sphere for several months.

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    He revealed, “I am nothing to be scared of,” at a news conference on Sunday, December 7, following the postponed New African Foundation Convention. I am the one who has come to save you. I don’t only invest in myself. You have my investment.

    The businessman, also known by his stage name Freedom Jacob Ceasar, claimed to be the new messiah who will rebuild both Ghana and Africa.

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    “We must impart knowledge. It is our duty to raise our kids. We must speak with them. I never said a word, but you were searching for me, therefore you are about to learn about this man with the mask.

    “I didn’t tell you if I’m an evangelist, a conventionist, a revolutionary, or interested in politics. You will have to wait until after this day for me to tell you about my policies and my goals.

    And since I have a great deal of respect for these outstanding leaders standing next to me, I will take this opportunity to sacrifice and reveal myself if I am the reason why the nation or the government is unhappy about these outstanding voices coming to teach not just Ghana but also Africa.

    “I would have told you that I am when I had the time. But I’m giving everything right now to prove to you that I am that man.

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    However, I am that man with a noble goal and a brilliant vision. For this country, I have a strategy and a vision. And I have it for Africa in addition to this country.

    He remarked, “But I know Africa is the next big thing because I am sent to do that. Out of all the continents that have been developed in this world, there is only one that is not developed.”

    Plans had been made earlier in the day for a convention called “Igniting the Voices of Africa” to be held in Accra’s Black Stars Square.

    Dr. Arikana from Zimbabwe, P.L.O. Lumumba from Kenya, Julius Malema from South Africa, and Peter Obi from Nigeria were among the notable speakers.

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    Reports, however, suggest that the celebration was abruptly disrupted by the military and special security personnel, which finally resulted in its cancellation.

    The organizers disclosed that they were notified by National Security that Sunday, January 7, 2024, had been set aside for “security drills” at the Black Star Square.



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