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    Mr. Chairman, The Electoral Commissioner, Fellow Aspirants, Fellow students, All Protocols Duly Observed. Good evening.

    Felicia Boadiwaa Apraku is my name, a level 200 student reading Secretaryship and Management Studies. An affiliate to the Getfund hall.


    I deem it a great honor to reach you in your halls and in your hostels this evening to share my manifesto as a candidate for the office of the SRC general Secretary

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    Service to humanity they say is the best work of life. I have since my childhood days been serving humanities in numerous capacity and portfolio, social, Religion and Academics. I am very hardworking,Kind,honest,confident and very dedicated. So I Felicia Boadiwaa is here to serve the student community and not to lead.


    The role of the Secretary is basically to handle the SRC documents, write minutes, keep records and make this records accessible. This roles are very important to the smooth administration of the SRC because then it makes the administration well organized, consistent and well informed. Fellow students I want to take Secretaryship beyond just the writing of minute and keeping of records so I have as the motto of my agenda“ Service Beyond The Pen” Of course I will like to bring on board initiatives that will help us all as students as far as the SRC Secretary office is concerned. My Policies aims at organization, coordination and dissemination of information to effectively and efficiently work towards the mission.

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    Fellow students, in Felicia’s led SRC secretariat, there’s going to be an introduction of BULK SMS. This is where communiques,news, warnings and any other informations will not only be shared through social media (WhatsApp,Facebook etc) since some students find it difficult to access this social platforms due to the use of mini phones ( yam phones) and low internet data bundles, but will be sent directly to the students phone numbers as text messages whereby there wouldn’t be a need to have internet data or WiFi to get such relevant informations online. Every student will get a first hand information. This can be done through teamwork with my executives.


    In addition, in Felicia’s led SRC secretariat there will be an inter departmental essay competition. This will be done by liaising with the writers and debators club which is an already existing club in this institution to organize inter-departmental essay competition on a given topic. It will be at departmental level, where there will be a student to represent every department to write on a given topic. The best essays will be rewarded accordingly after thorough scrutiny by a team of seasoned examiners. This innovative contest is intended to bring out the writing and research potentials of students.

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    Mr. Chairman, If Felicia is voted into power, I intend to organize Open Forums, It is very crystal clear that one of the major reasons for failure in government is the bridge in communication between the leaders and the followers, it is on this note I Felicia Boadiwaa Apraku plan to generate an open and closer relationship with all students in the sense that the Union will be more students-friendly, which will be in a form of conference where students will be free to contribute their opinions with regards to what’s happening inside and out of the student Union. This is where students will channel their grievances through such meetings for the Council to see how best they can get things done for them. This can be done through teamwork with my executives.

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    If you vote Felicia as the next SRC Secretary I intend to work hand in hand with the appointed PRO, assign committees to the various halls to help with the publicity of SRC programs, I believe this will improve attendance at programs and I also intend to circulate relevant information pertaining to SRC on social media so that students get to know more about SRC activities on campus.

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    Fellow students last but not least in my administration i intend to digitalize the SRC secretariat. The world is changing, the old way is failing; time and tide have in several associations swept away archaic and old-fashioned methods of documentation and brought in new, more dynamic and sophisticated ones. I believe SRC shouldn’t be an exception to this progressive change, If I, Felicia Boadiwaa Apraku, Team Felly is elected as the SRC general secretary, documents will no longer remain in paper form alone, they will also be scanned in soft copy and saved in flash drives , google drives for easy access and historical purposes.


    Fellow students I am friendly and approachable and I believe that everyone can come to me with any query or problems they might have. Should I be elected I will serve with integrity and honesty at all times and execute my duties to the best of my abilities.

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    Together let’s support Felicia Boadiwaa Apraku in her strive to bring about
    . A digitized secretariat
    . A secretariat where the institution’s documents will be properly filed and stored for
    generations unborn and historical purposes.
    . A secretariat that is accessible, open to suggestions and constructive criticisms.
    . A secretariat where matters of the student comes first.
    Let us get together, come out in our numbers and vote for Felicia as the next SRC general Secretary
    Stay safe, COVID 19 is real, Felicia needs you strong and alive to vote on the coming 4th August
    Together we can achieve a Visible and Responsive Secretariat!
    The team still remains Team Felly, Service Beyond The Pen.
    God bless you
    God bless SRC
    God bless Takoradi Technical University

    Thank You.

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