Kizz-DanielKizz Daniel, the superstar musician from Nigeria, has definitely established himself as a maestro of hit-making.

He continually creates compelling music that appeals to listeners in every age group with each new release. This assertion is further supported by his most recent song, “Shu-Peru,” which is evidence of his extraordinary talent and hit-making skills.

With the release of the popular song “RTID (Rich Till I Die),” which kicked out the year on a high note, Kizz Daniel demonstrated his talent for creating contagious melodies and enduring hooks that linger with listeners long after the song has ended. He further demonstrated why he is one of Nigeria’s most promising talents with the track’s overwhelming love and support.

Kizz Daniel’s collaboration with Seyi Vibez on BNXN’s number-one hit “Gwagwalada” is significant as part of his remarkable run in the still-young year 2023. He displayed his ability to enrich the sound of other outstanding musicians while still preserving his own distinctive style and character through his smooth collaboration with BNXN and Seyi Vibez.


The anticipation for Kizz Daniel’s second single of the year, “Shu-Peru,” which was just released, is nothing short of huge. The song’s release is highly anticipated by fans and music lovers who are aware that it has the potential to become another huge hit. Keep an eye out for Kizz Daniel’s “Shu-Peru” because of his ability to enthrall listeners with his contagious melodies, amusing lyrics, and faultless delivery.

Kizz Daniel has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music business as to his extraordinary musicianship and talent for writing chart-topping tunes. His unique sound, which combines highlife, Afrobeats, and modern pop elements, gives him a distinctive position in the music business.

“Shu-Peru” is a subtitle reminder of Kizz Daniel’s unquestionable skill and his commitment to continually producing songs as it makes their way onto fans’ playlists. Kizz Daniel has repeatedly shown that he has the secret to writing successful songs, whether it’s through his contagious rhythms, soul-stirring vocals, or ecstatic lyrics.

Enjoy “Shu-Peru”  below;

Chris, Fast Raising Ghanaian Writer/Blogger