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Human-focused, Hybrid AI Unlocks New Opportunities
Human-focused, Hybrid AI Unlocks New Opportunities


Human-focused, Hybrid AI Unlocks New Opportunities

We are at the dawn of a groundbreaking moment in technology with the advent of mobile AI.

For Samsung, this era has begun with the introduction of Galaxy AI features in the Galaxy S24 series, marking our first AI-powered phone.

 Revolutionizing Mobile Experiences with a Hybrid AI Approach

To harness the real-world benefits of generative AI for the Galaxy S24 series, we’ve adopted a hybrid AI integration approach.

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Mobile devices are integral to daily life, and we believe they are the key to unlocking AI’s potential as users increasingly rely on their phones for everyday tasks.

Given the personal nature of mobile devices, which are used during significant and memorable moments, we believe smartphones should enhance these experiences, making them simpler, more intuitive, and more impactful.

We also prioritize privacy, giving users full control over what they share and keep private.

Our hybrid approach balances the instant responsiveness and privacy of on-device AI with the versatility of cloud-based AI, achieved through collaborations with industry-leading partners.

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This ensures we provide the variety of functions users need in their daily lives

Expanding Possibilities with On-device AI

We designed the ‘Live Translate’ feature to be on-device AI-based because voice calls are both a fundamental and private aspect of smartphone use.

Samsung is committed to enabling seamless communication across language barriers while ensuring privacy and security.

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Our R&D team worked tirelessly to make this feature a reality. They tackled challenges such as determining the optimal size of AI language models and rigorous real-life testing to ensure the feature runs entirely on-device.

Samsung’s global R&D networks have been crucial in this development.

Research centers in Poland, China, India, and Vietnam have worked to expand the languages supported by Galaxy AI, recognizing the cultural and localized nature of language.

This effort is essential in breaking down language barriers and facilitating natural communication for users worldwide.

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We are thrilled to announce that Samsung will soon extend Live Translate’s capabilities beyond our native calling app to third-party messaging apps, enabling multilingual voice calls.

This on-device AI integration ensures that users can communicate without privacy concerns, as personal data remains secure.

As the computational power of NPUs and other technologies rapidly advances, more mobile AI features will be integrated into devices.

This progression will make AI more accessible and everyday life more convenient, providing greater peace of mind.

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 Growing Galaxy AI for Tomorrow’s Needs, Today

This exciting development is part of our ongoing commitment to Galaxy AI, marking the next phase of the mobile AI era.

The Galaxy AI introduction in the S24 series is just the beginning. We plan to further enhance the AI experience in our upcoming foldable devices, combining the flexibility of foldables with Galaxy AI to unlock new possibilities.

Samsung is also dedicated to expanding Galaxy AI across our broader ecosystem, leveraging our unique capabilities. As mobile AI evolves rapidly, Samsung is accelerating its innovations to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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