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"God raised me up to marry Agradaa; I don't care what others think." Asiamah chastises detractors
"God raised me up to marry Agradaa; I don't care what others think." Asiamah chastises detractors

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“God raised me up to marry Agradaa; I don’t care what others think.” Asiamah chastises detractors

Asiamah, the husband of Nana Agradaa, has expressed his indifference to public criticism following his marriage to the popular spiritualist.

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Asiamah maintains that the union is a product of God’s mercy and that the divine design cannot be changed by human opinion.

He said he was used to criticism because, even in the Bible, when the blind man was healed, other individuals claimed to know how he had been cured after being blind for a long time.

Asiamah stated that he is content with his marriage to Nana Agradaa and that their happiness will not be impacted by what others think of them.

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No matter what the circumstances, a child can receive God’s favor or anointing. Pastors, prophets, and other Ghanaians ought to realize that if Nana Agradaa is indeed Angel Asiamah’s bride, then God is the one who made it happen. If left to man alone, I would be destroyed, but God blessed me with Nana Agradaa in order to exalt his name and my ancestors.

He addressed the audience and said, “So, if you don’t understand why Nana Agradaa married her junior pastor [Asiamah], I don’t blame you.”

“Those who criticize us would do so for a long time because I am not concerned,” he continued. When the blind man in the Bible was healed, many questioned how it was done, but the guy didn’t care. I do know that I was formerly single and am currently married.

His response follows worries expressed by some regarding his motivation for marrying Nana Agradaa, who is younger than her.

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Reactions to Nana Agradaa’s recent marriage to Asiamah, her junior pastor, were all over social media.

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