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what is a Educational foundation
what is a Educational foundation


Empowering Dreams: Frederick Ayeh Launches Educational Foundation for His Community (Frederick Ayeh Foundation)

In a remarkable display of commitment to community development, Frederick Ayeh has taken a giant stride towards fostering education with the unveiling of the Frederick Ayeh Educational Foundation. This initiative, born out of a passion for empowering the youth, is set to make a lasting impact on the educational landscape of our community.

The Frederick Ayeh Foundation here in Buabin. This day marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards a brighter, more empowered future for Buabin and its surrounding
communities including Sobroso, Kontokrom, Hiamankyene, Otengkrom, Bekwai, Bona, Rubamu, Adjom, and Agyei Kwame.

Firstly, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you, especially the community and traditional
leaders who despite your busy schedules, decided to set time to grace this occasion. I also extend
a deep appreciation to the teachers and students for walking several kilometers just to be here. We
are very grateful.

Before I proceed, allow me to take a moment to share with you a deeply personal story—one that
is common to many individuals in our communities here. I was born and raised here in Buabin, a
place I call home.

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Throughout my younger years as a student in both Otengkrom Primary School
(the school where I attended KG 1) and Buabin R/C Primary School (from KG2 to class 6), I
witnessed firsthand the struggles and obstacles faced by students. My journey, much like my
colleagues and others, was marked by financial limitations that threatened my desire to go to

Education was my dream, but money and materials to support it were nearly impossible. Growing
up here in Buabin was difficult, we had no electricity, and educational facilities such as a library
and computer lab to facilitate learning were not available. Due to this, I moved to Kumasi in search
of quality education where facilities are accessible to enhance my studies.

At the age12, in 2009, after completing primary 6 at Buabin R/C Primary School, I bid farewell to
Buabin and moved to Kumasi, continuing my education at Kotei R/C Junior High School,
Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School in Kumawu, and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science
and Technology, Kumasi campus. However, throughout my education in the Ashanti Region,
financial difficulties persisted.

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Making speech to the community

From 2009 when I started JHS through to 2021 when I graduated
from the university, I faced many financial problems that nearly made me quit school.
When I completed JHS in 2012, I stayed home for a year due to lack of finances, and while waiting

on my family to prepare financially, I worked as a “trotro mate” in Kumasi just to gather money
to addto my family to enable me to go to SHS. Again, after completing SHS in 2016, I still worked

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as a “trotro mate” in Kumasi for the same reason – gathering money to start university.
There were instances in my education when I needed to travel back to Buabin just to hunt
mushrooms during its season to gather money to support my school expenses.

However, I wish to state that my struggles, and support from my family were not enough to cover university education
expenses, kind-hearted individuals in Kumasi supported me financially throughout this period,
allowing me to enroll and begin my studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and
Technology (KNUST) to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in History.

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While at KNUST, I refused to let my modest background and village life be a barrier to my
academic pursuits. I immersed myself in studies, excelling academically, and soon found myself
assuming leadership roles. During my studies at KNUST, I served as the Vice President of the
Historical Society of KNUST (that is the History Students at the University) in the 2019/2020
academic year, as President of the same association in the 2020/2021 academic year, and later

served as the National Coordinator of the History Students Association of Ghana.

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Despite my struggles, I strive hard for academic excellence allowing me to graduate withFirst Class Honours.

This achievement is a source of inspiration to many young students here, proving that with
determination, hard work, and support, one can overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact.
This is also a testimony that being born and raised in a village is not a shame, but an opportunity
to showcase that village people, just like those in the cities can compete when given the necessary
support and assistance.

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Frederick Ayeh Foundation

Graduation marked the end of one chapter and the genesis of another. During my national service,
I was retained as a teaching and research assistant in the Department of History and Political
Studies, KNUST Kumasi campus to aid in teaching and research, fostering a desire to impart
knowledge and empower the next generation. Upon completing my national service, I gained a
scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts in History at the University of New Brunswick, Canada,
where I am currently studying. This educational journey abroad was not just a personal milestone
but a testament to the significance of learning without boundaries.

Despite the miles that separate me from Buabin, my heart remains intact to its aspirations. The
struggles I faced, and the barriers I overcame—all have contributed to the driving force behind
this foundation. Throughout my life, I have been a beneficiary of kindness and compassion towards
humanity. I have been supported by strangers – people who are far from family just for me to
realize my dreams that would have otherwise been impossible.

Frederick Ayeh Foundation

Having realized how difficult education is without support or assistance, I have decided to establish
this foundation and solicit support both financially or with materials that will enable our
communities to provide scholarships, give educational materials, and offer apprenticeship training
to its bright and needy students. We will work harder to empower the youth, ensuring that no
financial constraints hinder their dreams of a better future.

My team and I believe that by promoting education and apprenticeship training, providing
scholarships, and furnishing educational materials, we aspire to equip the youth of Buabin and its
surrounding communities with the tools they need to reach a promising future.
Buabin is not just my birthplace — it is the cradle of dreams, the place upon which hopes are
painted. On this note, we encourage everyone to join hands with us and foster a bright future for
the younger individuals in our communities.

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All the members of this foundation are filled with the hope and belief that education is the most
powerful tool for transforming lives and communities. We want to use this opportunity to inform
every member of our communities to join and support us in every possible way they can to
support our vision of assisting our younger generation. We believe together, we can drive our
communities to the path we all wish for. Thank you.
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