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ye account Suspended
ye account Suspended

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For “inciting violence,” Musk has suspended Ye’s Twitter account.

Kanye WestLess than two weeks after his return to the platform, Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, was suspended from Twitter after tweeting an image of a swastika combined with a star of David.

Ye was suspended a few hours after praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview on the Alex Jones-hosted right-wing conspiracy show InfoWars.

Ye was one of many well-known Twitter users whose accounts were limited or banned who later had them restored after Elon Musk acquired control of the company.

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Ye’s account was previously suspended after it was flagged for anti-Semitic tweeting on November 21.

Musk wrote on Twitter, “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

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When it comes to content moderation, Musk has previously said, “If in doubt, let the speech exist.” Musk has proclaimed a “wide amnesty” for accounts that had previously been suspended in addition to restoring Donald Trump’s account. Regarding the duration of Ye’s ban, Musk remained vague.

Ye posted a picture of the swastika covering the Star of David, a religious icon, on Thursday night. The tweet was quickly taken down. It was also disclosed on Thursday that Ye no longer purchased Parler, a right-wing social media network. According to Parler, the choice was taken “in the best interests of both parties.”

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Ye tweeted, “Let’s always remember this as my farewell tweet,” along with an ugly photo of Musk on a yacht, half-naked.

That is okay, Musk said. On the swastika tweet that was deleted, he added, “This is not.”

The rapper then started publishing texts, allegedly from Musk, in which the billionaire appeared to try to reason with him regarding the remark, on Trump’s social media platform Truth Social.

You’ve gone too far, I’m sorry. This is not love, wrote Musk.

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Ye retorted, “Who made you the judge.” Then he published a screenshot of his Twitter account displaying a 12-hour tweeting ban for breaking the service’s terms of service.

“I see nice things about Hitler,” the rapper rapped. Every person, especially Hitler, contributed something worthwhile to the world.

Nazis were thugs, Jones retorted.

But they also took positive actions, Ye remarked. “We need to stop constantly mocking the Nazis,”

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I swear to God, The mere fact that you dislike one group does not imply that – Jones said, seeming uneasy. Ye cut in, saying, “I love Jews. However, I also adore Nazis.

Later, Jones said, “I don’t think Hitler was a good guy. Ye retorted, “Hitler has a lot of qualities that I admire. numerous things

It cannot be overstated that Kanye West is a vile, repulsive bigot who has targeted the Jewish community with threats and Nazi-style defamation given his praise of Hitler, according to Norm Coleman and Matt Brooks, leaders of the Republican Jewish Coalition, who denounced Ye’s remarks. The pariah status of Kanye West must be made plain to conservatives who have inadvertently supported him. There has been enough.

A Republican-controlled Twitter account in the US Congress removed a tweet that appeared to support Ye after the interview aired.

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The European Union put pressure on Musk, a self-described “free speech absolutist,” this week over content moderation standards after Thierry Breton, the internal market commissioner, issued a warning that the platform must “significantly increase” efforts to comply with new online laws. Tech companies are required by the EU’s Digital Services Act to address issues including abusive posts and misinformation.


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