Ing. Dr. Lucy Agyepong has been promoted to vice president of institutional advancement at Academic City University College, Ghana’s top STEAM-based postsecondary school.

Ing. Dr. Agyepong, who formerly held the position of Associate Dean of Engineering, has shown to be an extraordinary leader, and her vital efforts have significantly shaped the academic environment at the institution.

Ing. Dr. Lucy will be in charge of strengthening the university’s partnerships with national and international partners in her new position as Vice President of Institutional Advancement in order to provide value for the university community. To create and execute innovative programs and technologies that will support and improve the institution’s teaching, learning, and research ecosystems, she will work closely with the president and other members of the executive team.

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For over three years now, Dr. Ing. Agyepong has been a vital member of our community, and the engineering department has benefited from her efforts. The institution has expanded and flourished under her leadership as Associate Dean of Engineering, drawing more students, expanding its research activities, and establishing new collaborations with both industry and academics. Additionally, Ing. Dr. Lucy has been instrumental in the creation of new academic projects and programs that have helped Academic City maintain its status as a pioneer in engineering education.

Previously, Ing. Dr. Agyepong served as the Design and Build Group’s technology manager at the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Center. She oversaw a group of 45 engineers that had a wealth of knowledge in diverse design and production techniques. Ing. Dr. Agyepong possesses a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration on Aerospace Design in addition to a Master’s degree in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. Alternative weight estimation and reduction approaches in aircraft design have been the main focus of her research.

She has produced high-value projects of about €4M with success as the project manager. She has actively collaborated with a variety of industry partners, including Rolls-Royce, Airbus, GKN, and BAE Aerospace.

A member of the African Asian Pacific Engineering Council is Ing. Dr. Agyepong. She is the first engineer from Ghana and the only woman on the council.

“I am excited to begin this new position and collaborate with the highly skilled group of academic and professional staff members. Ing. Dr. Agyepong said, “I am excited to help make that happen. I feel that our institution has immense potential to make a positive influence on our community and society as a whole.

Prof. Fred McBagonluri, President of Academic City stated “We are delighted to welcome Ing. Dr. Agyepong to the executive team of the university. Her extensive experience and track record of success will be invaluable as we continue to advance our mission of providing a world-class education to our students and making a positive impact in our community.”

Chris, Fast Raising Ghanaian Writer/Blogger