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With "Timeless," Davido breaks two records in the UK and the US.
With "Timeless," Davido breaks two records in the UK and the US.

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With the release of Davido’s album “Timeless” on March 31st, 2023, here are 5 records the singer established with his work.

On March 31, 2023, Nigeria and the rest of the globe came to a complete stop when Davido, an Afrobeats singer, released one of the largest and most awaited projects in history.

In his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” Davido reaffirmed why he is regarded as one of the top African artists in the world today after months of silence following the horrific event in 2022.

The impressive figures and numbers David achieved with this project highlight the fact that “Timeless” became a project that connected with many followers through partnerships with today’s industry leaders.

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With this in mind, we have listed 5 notable records that Davido set or broke with his fourth studio album.

Biggest First-Day Streams For An African Album On Spotify

During the first full day of monitoring, 8.4 million streams of “Timeless” were recorded. It became the first African album to record that many streams on the first day of release with this total number of streams.

Biggest Streams For A Song On Spotify Nigeria Chart

In the Spotify Nigeria list, Davido had one of the top 16 spots for a song’s largest first-day stream total. With more than 460,000 streams on the first day of monitoring, “Over Dem” was the most streamed song. view the whole list below:

1. “Over Dem” – 460,081 streams
2. “No Competition” ft Asake —-400,378 streams
3. “Feel” —-400,378 streams
4. “Kante”—-330,561 Streams
5. “Unavailable” — 327,689 streams
6. “In The Garden” ft morravey — 306,655 streams
7. “Away” —300,705 Streams
8. “Na Money”—296,413 Streams
9. “God Father” —280,606 Streams
10. “E pain Me” —276,231 Streams
11. “For The Road” —249,236 Streams
12. “Picasso” ft logos olori —242,998 Streams
13. “BOP”—-236,315 Streams
14. “U(JUJU)” —235,943 Streams
15. “Precision”—224,976 Streams
16. “LCND”—216,301 Streams

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Boomplay Album Record

Davido’s “Timeless” became the Boomplay album with the most streams in the shortest amount of time. On April 1, 2023, the popular album broke the milestone of 10 million streams. It also holds the record for breaking the one million streams barrier the quickest, only 24 hours after release.

Apple Music UK Top Albums Record

The second afrobeats album to ever accomplish this feat, “Timeless” landed at number one on the UK’s Apple Music Top albums list.

Apple Music Top Songs Chart Record

The whole ‘Timeless’ album by Davido debuted in the top 100 of the UK’s Apple Music top songs list, making it the first and only afrobeats album to do so. The singer also made history by being the first afrobeats artist to have 10 singles debut in the top 200 on the US Apple Music Top Songs list.

  • Timeless reached number two on the Apple Music top albums chart for the US, making it the highest-ranking Nigerian album ever.
  • Also, it broke Burna Boy’s previous record with “Love Damini,” which stood at over 3.5 million streams and became the first Nigerian album to have the most opening day on Boomplay with over 7.5 million plays.


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