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    Check Out QueenLet New release “Holy Fire”


    According to an analyst for, since the beginning of time, neither a man nor a woman has been able to define the “KOMASI GOD,” who told Moses, “I am who I am.”

    The track “HOLY FIRE” was released today by Queen Leticia, a multiple award-winning gospel minister from Soakat.

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    In order to define “Ko Ma Si” God [unique God, unmatchable God, None like you], QueenLet talks rhema music, beautiful music, and harmonious melodies into your life.

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    “There is no Rock like our God; there is none Holy like the Lord; for there is none but you.” – ESV 1 Samuel 2:2.
    “Adonai’s angel came to him as a FIRE that was flaming out of a shrub in the center. Even though the bush was on fire, he could see that it was not burning up when he looked. – CJB Exodus 3:2

    Hence, another type of music in the Soaking & Atmospheric [SoakAt] genre that will instantly make you chuckle in the Holy Fire.

    Get ready to encounter the contemporary leaders of Davidic worship.

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    the song that formally recognizes Elohim’s supremacy and power via the Holy Spirit.

    Therefore, the only thing that may put an end to the ridicule in your life is a metamorphosis.

    Therefore, in situations like the Russian and Ukrainian War, the pandemic, or an epidemic of an infectious illness that has spread over many continents or the entire planet, this is the hour of “Holy Fire.”

    In addition, gospel singer Minister QueenLet, who is located in Germany and has connections to Ghana and Nigeria, plans to release her most recent single in January 2023 as one of the first gospel songs of the new century.

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    The amazing artist, whose career just recently took off, is now an established musician who has carved out a distinctive musical niche for herself.

    The gospel fraternity, in particular, is promised nothing but the greatest single by QueenLet, the singer of the soakat smash.

    This was finally revealed as one of the best, most unique abilities and gifts of the previous day.

    Watch “Holy Fire” by QueenLet’s full Clip video below;

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    While the video for Holy Fire was shot in Ghana by multiple award-winning production company Skyweb Videos, the audio for the song was produced in Abuja, Nigeria by Sunny Pee, a multi-award winning Nigerian sound engineer.

    The single “Holy Fire” from the “Debrich Group Of Companies” or “Debrich Group” record label.

    Debrich Group, the preferred record company of Euro-Africans, has issued five songs in the past almost two years under the names Dear Holy Spirit, Anwanwadwuma (Marvelous job), Empowered, WindBlow, and the most current one, HOLY FIRE.

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    Since the year 2020, QueenLet’s musical style known as “Soakat” has drawn attention throughout social media, most likely as a result of the fact that she is the first to introduce this style to the evangelical music business.

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