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Bolt Becomes Awarded The Ghana Business and Innovations Awards' Food Distribution Company of the Year.
Bolt Becomes Awarded The Ghana Business and Innovations Awards' Food Distribution Company of the Year.


Bolt Becomes Awarded The Ghana Business and Innovations Awards’ Food Distribution Company of the Year.

April 17, 2023: At the recently held Ghana Business and Innovations Awards, which were held at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Bolt Food was once again named the Food Distribution Company of the Year.

The awards program honors essential roles within the industry that foster growth, sustainability, and diversity while rewarding people and organizations who have made major contributions to the development of their business sector.

The yearly event, which is put on by Millennium Communications, honors and honors the accomplishments of companies from various industries all around Ghana. The nominees were assessed using the following selection criteria: Quality, Innovation, Market Dominance, Resilience, Customer Loyalty, Corporate Responsibility, and Overall Market Acceptance. The research board for the Awards is made up of well-known and knowledgeable individuals chosen from the business, innovation, advertising, and marketing worlds.

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Bolt Food’s country manager, Ali Zaryab, expressed his thanks for the honor and emphasized the commitment of the business to offering value and convenience to its customers while keeping standards of quality and safety. Additionally, he expressed gratitude for the confidence and dependence that consumers, eateries, food sellers, and couriers have shown on Bolt Food, which has contributed significantly to the development of the business.

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Bolt Food has truly set the standard for the food delivery and logistics sector, he claimed. It is humbling that customers trust us to bring meals from their preferred suppliers, who depend on us to meet their sales targets and fuel the expansion of their businesses. We as a business are delighted to provide our customers with value and convenience without sacrificing quality and safety.

Bolt Food’s constant dedication to quality was one of the major factors in helping them win the Food Distribution Company of the Year award at the Ghana Business and Innovations Awards. Bolt Food has a devoted consumer base and a high level of market acceptability because it has established high standards for quality, innovation, and customer service.

The food delivery and logistics industries have seen a transformation since Bolt Food’s establishment in 2020. Bolt Food is a market leader, offering dependable and practical food delivery services to Ghanaians, thanks to its cutting-edge technology, effective operations, and dedication to quality and customer happiness.

Bolt Food has also proven to be resilient in the face of difficulties by developing and adapting to the shifting market needs. The company also prioritizes corporate responsibility, working with regional food vendors to assist their operations and fostering the expansion of the food sector in Ghana.

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This recognition at the Ghana Business and Innovations Awards is a tribute to Bolt Food’s dedication to quality and to raising the bar in the food delivery and logistics sector. In the last year, Bolt Food has received two awards. Bolt Food is resolute in its objective to produce dependable, effective, and first-rate food delivery services that satisfy the demands of its customers and support the development of the nation’s food business as it broadens its reach and serves more clients throughout Ghana.

About Bolt

The super-app from Europe called Bolt is on a quest to increase urban mobility’s affordability, safety, and sustainability.

In 45 countries and more than 500 cities across Europe and Africa, Bolt has 100 million clients. The firm offers superior choices for each use case, including ride-hailing, shared vehicles, and scooters, as well as food and grocery delivery, in an effort to hasten the shift from privately owned automobiles to shared mobility.

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