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    ?? THE SRC IS NO JOKE!!??

    Enough of the rhetorics!!!
    Who is your candidate, what has your candidate done?
    The SRC needs strong and experienced leadership.

    WHO IS BM?

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    Bless Micheal Norviweu with the teaser “BM” is an aspirant for UCC SRC President .He is a level 300 student reading BSc.Pschology.Why is he fit for the position?

    ✔️ He is an Advocate. At 16 yrs, BM as a boy’s prefect led his colleagues through strong advocacy to demand some items they had paid for as part of admission but weren’t receiving. They received those items and a refund of the balance.

    ✔️ He is compassionate. As SRC president in Jasikan College of Education, his first act was to stop the practice where students who are on campus are forced to weed in the name of “training”. Though he had gone though that, he knew it was inappropriate and purchased mowers for that purpose.

    ✔️ He is a problem solver. As SRC president in Jasikan College of Education, in the era of dumsor, he raised needed funds to purchase a plant for the school. The SRC dues was about 8000 cedis and the cost of plant wat 50,000 US dollars. BM made it possible

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    ✔️ He is proactive and innovative. As SRC president in Jasikan College of Education, he monetized a borehole that had been digged by the previous administration by converting it into a sachet water factory to supply the students at an affordable cost and the Jasikan environs in order to generate income for subsequent projects.
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    ✔️ He is still serving. Realizing some of his colleagues teachers in University are studying without study-leave. He advocated and championed a course to ensure that over 400 students across all university campuses in Ghana attained study-leave to in order to study in comfort.


    If students do not rally behind him, we may look back and regret??.


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    Vote BM. No.3 on the ballot Screen.

    This coming thursday, UCC matches to the voting venue to chose change, to chose competency, to chose BM.The change is here.

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