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Berla Mundi chastises a fan who asks her to get married, saying, "Learn to mind your business."
Berla Mundi chastises a fan who asks her to get married, saying, "Learn to mind your business."

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Berla Mundi chastises a fan who asks her to get married, saying, “Learn to mind your business.”

Berla Mundi, a well-known TV personality in Ghana, has blasted a fan who inadvertently inquired about her impending wedding.

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The TV host recently shared her opinions on Instagram about when it’s proper to move out of one’s parents’ house.

But one fan used the occasion to insinuately inquire about her marital status and her plans for starting a family in the future.

The commenter gently questioned when Berla Mundi intended to settle down and turn her attention from her work to her family.

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At what age do you get married and have children and stop focusing on your career?” responded the next person.

The TV personality responded to this with urgency and confidence. Asked directly in the comment area, “At the age when you learn to mind your business,” Berla Mundi received praise from her admirers.

One Instagram user who expressed support for Berla Mundi’s response was milly_stak, who said, “@berlamundi” Perfect Response: “It’s absolutely incomprehensible why certain individuals are unable to behave appropriately.

Funghana_, another user, showed her excitement by writing, “@berlamundi my girl is cookkkkiiiinnnn.”

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This follows Berla Mundi’s previous remarks regarding the difficulties young men encounter in romantic relationships. She brought up the challenges of competing with elderly people who could be more financially stable last week.

In her discussion of the particular difficulties faced by young males, Berla Mundi highlighted the demands they have to live up to the expectations of their relationships. She drew attention to the inequality of resources, giving examples in which younger males are up against more established, older people financially.

Young males face a lot of strain in relationships. She clarified, “You are up against a 60-year-old man who can probably afford everything a girl your age would want.” The TV personality clarified the difficulties young men encounter in satisfying their partners’ expectations while managing financial limitations.


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