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AY Poyoo bemoans his meagre $100 earnings during his three years of performing.

Rap sensation from Ghana, Emmanuel Yeboah, better known by his stage name AY Poyoo, is well-known for his unique and funny approach to music. Recently, he opened up about the financial challenges he encounters in the music business. [irp]

This time, the musician—who is well-known for always having a goat with him—was not acting funny or lighthearted as he usually does. Instead, he was in a serious mood.

Ay Poyoo disclosed on his TikTok profile that he has not earned any money in his three years in the profession. The biggest sum of money he has ever received, he added, is $100, and no show promoter has ever paid him more than $200.

He further conveyed his aggravation at the dearth of acknowledgment and assistance from Ghanaians and the press.

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He said that despite his hard work to establish himself, he doesn’t feel recognized or appreciated. He claims that he receives insulting remarks from people on social media.


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Famous for his humorous songs like “GOAT” and “Swimming Pool,” AY Poyoo used social media to vent his worries over money. His candor struck a chord with many, bringing to light the harsh realities that up-and-coming musicians must contend with in the music business, where recognition does not always equate to big financial reward.

The crooner stated that he hasn’t made any money despite his success online.

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One of Ghana’s rising musical artists is Ay Poyoo. gaining attention with merely the release of the track “GOAT” (Aponkye). His style of music is quite distinct, and he primarily addresses practically everyone with his messages.


Did any show promoter pay me 200$ for show before in Ghana where is the lie you people for stop telling me that am disgracing Ghana am only speaking the truth about myself I don’t mean to hurt anyone

♬ original sound – AY Poyoo


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