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As men, polygamy is "in our DNA." According to Ofori Amponsah
As men, polygamy is "in our DNA." According to Ofori Amponsah

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As men, polygamy is “in our DNA.” According to Ofori Amponsah

Samuel Ofori Amponsah, popularly known as Mr. All4Real, is a contemporary highlife performer and composer from Ghana. He has stirred up controversy by claiming that polygamy is ingrained in every man’s DNA.

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He stated that he thought polygamy was a difficult undertaking even if it was a natural tendency for men. He did concede, though, that if a man finds comfort in a particular lady, he might decide to remain with her.

Personally, Mr. Ofori Amponsah disclosed that he is not living out his polygamous convictions because of the fear he was instilled with after seeing the difficulties his father encountered.

He said, “It scared me to see the situation my father was in.” Even yet, he insisted, “I don’t think it was meant for a man to marry just one woman, considering all the women in the world.”

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The “Otoolege” hitmaker recently acknowledged having multiple failed marriages in an interview with Zionfelix, but he made it clear that the ladies had chosen to divorce him because he was a “bad boy,” not because he started the marriages. In an attempt to shed light on his imagined bad boy persona, he highlighted his passion for music and proclivity for staying indoors.

Mr. Ofori Amponsah revealed that he is currently happily married to Serwaa, highlighting their close relationship and expressing his deep affection for her. He clarified that he did not end his marriages personally, despite his previous partnerships.

“If God doesn’t choose a wife for you in this line of work, you will suffer in life,” he said, attributing the difficulties in marriage to the difficulty in finding the perfect spouse in his field.

Ghanaian singer-songwriter Samuel Ofori Amponsah, better known by his stage name Mr. All 4 Real, hails from Agogo in the Ashanti Region. In his professional career, he has put out fourteen solo albums.

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