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    According to Osofo Kojo Bentil, "we are all witches and wizards."
    According to Osofo Kojo Bentil, "we are all witches and wizards."


    According to Osofo Kojo Bentil, “we are all witches and wizards.”

    Unknown to most people, Osofo Kojo Bentil, a well-known spiritual leader and the founder and leader of Onyame Kese Krom, has said that every person has the innate ability to be a witch or wizard.

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    This insightful disclosure was revealed by him on TV3’s Confessions, which is hosted by Miss Nancy. Osofo Kojo Bentil bemoaned throughout the conversation how black people have a habit of accepting certain things later in life.

    “It is sad oftentimes that we as black people always want to be the last people to come into anything,” he said.

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    “I said we are all witches and wizards, but we just do not know.”

    The spiritual guide continued to expound on his viewpoint, connecting defiance to the initial indication of witchcraft.

    He went on, “Let me show you a simple trick.”

    “It claims rebellion is the first indicator of witchcraft, and who rebels? Every single one of us rebels while we’re growing up, especially during our teenage years. According to the Bible Yardstick, this indicates that each of us has a certain propensity to become into a witch or wizard.

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    Osofo Kojo Bentil wondered why it is that Black and African Americans appear to be the last to recognize this innate potential. He drew comparisons with the West, pointing out that there are witchcraft schools where students become accomplished scientists.

    Osofo Kojo Bentil clarified, “When you see something the average person is not seeing, it is an energy, it is a spirit.” Something inside of you tells you to stay at home and not get in the automobile when you’re about to do so. All of us have the capacity to get information from our souls about things that are not visibly manifested,” he continued.

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    Declaring, “It doesn’t take a witch to kill somebody; even in the churches, we kill,” he emphasized that being in tune with this energy doesn’t always require engaging in destructive behavior. Osofo Kojo Bentil says that it is a personal trait and that people who reject the notion might even be witches themselves.

    He claims that the idea that we are all witches and wizards illuminates the hidden potential that is inside each of us and is just waiting to be acknowledged and comprehended.


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