Kwesi actually got my attention with what he does with his lower lip. I don’t know about you but that is so amazing to me!

I’ve seen people being able to stretch part of their skin on social media and all that but not in person till I met Kwesi.
I realised Kwesi has a lot of potentials and I really liked his spirit cause he’s very friendly and calm.

It was so unfortunate that I couldn’t spend much time with him because we were on a mission different from what I was doing with him and my people were indirectly leaving me behind ?

One thing that broke me right there was that Kwesi was not in school ?
He is a drop out due to certain causes.
Also noticed he is developing some skin infections, of which I’m yet to know the cause.

I felt so bad and broken cause I wasn’t in the right position to help him out of his situation at that moment.

Currently all I can do is to tell Kwesi’s story to the world and also working on teaming up with some few friends to make sure Kwesi is at least having a standard life than he’s having now.

I want to encourage you to lend a helping hand to somone today. Try to be good to people even in your current position.

It can be a smile, a word of encouragement, or an action of love.
Let’s continue to make this world a better place.

To assist us in this act of kindness, kindly contact Kwesi The Artist on +233242044702
or on all social media platforms as @kwesitheartist