Are you a guy who has suffered rejection at every turn? Let’s have a real chat because I feel like a lot of guys need to have this. These nuggets might be of help. Women don’t like you because you  do these things.

The reason why you are being rejected by women every time you make a move is because you ain’t paying attention to certain crucial aspects.

The first thing is that you are too loud. When your adrenaline and your testosterone mix , it can be sometimes a big turn for women who don’t necessarily like to see how you feel like you brag a lot being better alone.

Thus, tone done your voice when chatting with women.

Secondly, you live an uninspiring life. You hang around with guys all the time,  playing video games etc. Thus, she doesn’t see you do anything that is worth living for. As much as , women like men who are funny , they also like men who are ambitious.

For most women, if you have money it’s a great incentive for them to stick with you but there are types of women who don’t look at the amount of money you have .They are much interested in what you bring to the table , where you’re going, how big your dreams are and those kinds of stuff because that’s what they look our for. Thus, you have to been doing something better and getting people see your dreams coming out alive.

Thirdly, you give sudden compliments to women when you gaze them at a party. Although, there are women who love them but some get turned off by it. For eg; you say ” Oh baby, you looking sexy “, that kinda vibe as soon as you’re two minutes in your chat with her , you might lose her.

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Thus , slow down on giving compliments on her body and focus on stuffs beyond the physical.  Things to say Apart from physical compliments comes after having an engaged conversation with her . This will help you know what she wants, what she likes and dislikes and what she loves to do.

Fourth, you’re too arrogant. This really happens to men who thinks they’ve done and achieved everything without anyone’s help. But don’t get it wrong, being confident it’s very sexy. But there’s a thin line between being confident and arrogance.

People who are arrogant are usually self-absorbed.  It’s always about them and nobody else. They always say” I can do this, I will do this etc” . This means everything is about you and lesser for her. She will reject you and go the man who thinks about her and appreciates her dreams and how he can make an impact on her dreams.

Moreover, you appearance is “BLAH”. You’re not clean shaving. Maybe you managed to buy expensive perfumes but by the end of the day, you look scruffy.  “Appearance is everything “. I know there are people blessed with better looks and this world we all can’t look like Hollywood stars.

But not all good looking people are successful when it comes to relationships. By the way, even the world ugliest man has three wives. So why do the good looking ones fail. Although , looks matter but it’s not everything. You can be a really good looking guy and have a bad attitude. That’s gonna push away women from you all the time. Thus, be nicely groomed, smell good and wear clean clothes.

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Also, you talk too much. Women detest men who thinks they know the answer to every question and doesn’t listen to anyone’s voice on the issue because they seem to have it all figured out.

Thus, women don’t prefer you to be the ‘walking dictionary ‘ who knows everything but will prefer you to hear them out and also considers their opinions. Just keep the talking on the minimum. People start to get bored when you just don’t know when to stop talking.

Lastly, if you’re too clingy , women might reject you. Women don’t always want you been in their space.  You can check up on her in the mornings and evenings by calling or texting her.

When you become over-protective and tells who she should talk, hang out and move with , she will lose interest in the relationship. It makes her wanna pull out her hair but don’t do that, don’t be too clingy. Sometimes, the love is too deep and have her all to yourself, but remember she’s a person and has a life too .

I hope the aforementioned points helps you and increase your chances of landing yourself a lady of your dreams.

Thanks for reading.