I’m the only Ghanaian musical artist who uses the Nigerian vocabulary accurately _ SAJ

The energy and efficacy of the uprising musicians now is exciting, the competition becomes real and the battlefield turns out to be interesting.

In the space of music in Ghana a new artist has been acknowledged and the creativity of this young star can’t be measured.

SAJ as widely recognized by folks recently made waves with his new banger titled “Lady Kish” which he featured one unique rapper in Ghana called Medikal. the song began sparkling little by little and one winning the interest of many. 

SAJ in an interview at zone three 6 TV on his musical carrier journey, he disclosed that he is the only Ghanaian breed artist who uses the Nigerian lingo correctly and consistently and up till now that category of lingo no Ghanaian artist could compete .

SAJ said he don’t only flow fluently in the broken lingo of the Nigerians but also he can speaks fluent Yuruba and diverting that into music is one cheapest thing he could do. 

He said in addition that even French is another plus. He can sincerely be flexible with the French language as well as driving it into songs. 

According to SAJ it’s not of a boast but it’s a compilation of facts he utters out. He emphasize that no artist in Ghana fits in the category he discovered about himself.

source: zonethreetv ?

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