Everybody may call him Safari, and I’ve got an interesting notes to share with you about this popular name when it comes to this young man. He’s a protégé of many mentors he has had from his past, having been a son of Agogo State Senior High School, or College as it was known back then. Safari was born and raised in a popular district of the Garden City, Kumasi……….. Growing up, he’s always had a greatpassion for entertainment and the business that comes with it, but definitely passion first. Safari could be labeled as one of the most talented minds that this country is blessed to have. As an underground entertainer, he’s earned accolades that put him right at the top in various levels of leadership. He became the Ashanti regional SRC/LG Choreography director in 2013, from where he advanced to become the main director somewhere around 2016 appointed by APEC, he furthered his education in Takoradi Technical University. To tell of his impact in this field may come like a tale to a reader, but you can never undermine the consistency with which Safari led the batches of students he worked with. Having worked very closely with him back at Agogo State College, I experienced first hand the pressures of working with this gentleman, and wow, that was some ride. He pushes you to the very limits of your potential so that with the least effort from yourself, you become an absolute hit. He’s had a good number of people playing movie roles and journalism positions that had to go through the rigors of his tutorship.

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Now if you’ve ever heard of AfroLG, this is the best news you’d get anywhere about this solid initiative, AfroLG is an initiative of Arafat Yassir(CEO) and Caleb Attoh(COO) who’s also known as Cross, a tutor at Tweneboah Kodua and a  protégé of Boamponsem Senior High, another graduate of KNUST


AFROLG was created for the reasons of putting talents such as dancing and acting into management.. and giving them a better chance to make something useful out of their talents ..


We have successfully signed quite a few number of them and made great impact in them.. the journey gets tougher by the day.. we hope to attain our aim regardless, since the community is now in the process of  accepting dance as a culture..


Safari and Cross is on the Quest to make great impacts and changes in the society.. by changing the mindset certain people have about dance.. we hope to educate also the people in our societies of the importance of dance and acting and not see dance and acting as a set back to a bright future of the wards in our care and those in any other dance instructors care


May God help us all