God would wipe every tear of your eyes And fill your cheeks with illuminating smiles If you’re broken like pieces of glass on the ground

He’d smile with you and reach out his upright hand.
Who cares and love you like he does?
Who’s near and around you like the sparkling stars.

Sometimes you feel heart broken,desperate in tears and even wished your life was taken.
While you stood on the tip of that mountain with your thought only filled with committing suicide;
He was the one who rushed up and grab you by his side.
If he’s willingly to walk with you in the blazing fires
Then why doubt he would drown with you in deep waters?

If no one loves you,look above
he paints an image of you in the clouds
Every lovely morn he surprises you with the songs of the nightingales.
Even in the darkest night he glows your path with bright candles.
The waves of the sea doesn’t make any noise
they hum a song for you even with no voice.

The sun shines with no reason because of you
And when it scorches much it sprinkles the heavenly dew.
You do not belong here because you’re made for the heavens.
Someday you would be carried unexpected along with the ravens.
He loves you than you even love yourself ask me why?
He created you in his image and you’re the apple of his eye.

written by the_juvenilia.