Zakisha Brown talks about how our energy never dies in her new hip hop song “My Light.” You can’t dim her smile, either.

My light was captured in Sakomono, Ghana, at the Tema Golf Club. This song is energizing and has strong lyrics that anyone can relate to.

Zakisha goes on to say that she will not match whatever harmful energy you carry to her, but will instead boost her own vibration regardless of the energy you bring.

She also discusses how she intends to continue to spread the blessings she has received, stating that everything you bring out there will be amplified back to you. “Tired of frenemies,” she raps in the first verse.

“Tired of frenemies sending me negative energy, are you a friend or an enemy?” she raps in the first verse. Choose your persona. You can’t be in the middle!”

When people want to play a part in her life, they must be explicit about their intentions, according to the lyrics.

We’ve all met people whose energy and smile turn out to be fake, masking their true motives of evil, selfishness, and greed.

“I need people with empathy, people with visions, people who say what they mean,” she continues. I don’t need jealousy; there’s plenty of food on the table for both of us!” She is in desperate need of sincerity. Say exactly what you mean and exactly what you mean. There’s no pretense here.

Furthermore, in order to attract the right people and the life we want, we must have an abundance mentality. Not having a scarcity mindset in which we believe we can never have enough.

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It’s also possible that we’ll have to rob, exploit, dominate, or force our way through life. There’s plenty of cash, food, and wealth to go around!

For the past four months, Zakisha Brown has been in Ghana. She was invited into the President’s office at Jubilee House to speak with Mr Ababio, the Director of Diaspora Affairs for the Year of Return and Beyond the Return.

Zakisha was also featured on major Ghanaian television and radio stations such as NET2TV, MetroTV, YFM, and others. She is also well-known for her hit single, “I Went to Ghana.”

She intends to make Ghana her permanent home and has volunteered to teach workshops on the importance of critical thought, communication, being presentable, and business skills.

Below is the video for “My Light”: