S3fa, a Ghanaian singer, is promoting the support of female musicians in the entertainment industry, claiming that there is a large number of them with outstanding talent who have yet to be discovered.

She revealed that most female musicians have been held back by a lack of investment in their craft, and she has called for a shift in the narrative.

The Black Avenue Musik signee is one of the industry’s most successful female musicians.

S3fa also stated that they face a variety of challenges on their way to the top.

“If we get enough funding and people willing to invest in us, we can go far; also, when people invest in us, it doesn’t have to be because they want to have their way with us, which is, in my opinion, the biggest problem female artistes face in our industry,” she said in an interview with Akoma FM, which GhanaWeb monitored.

The crooner of “E Ckoke” has collaborated with a slew of musicians on a number of hit tracks, including “Magyi,” “Wanti Wanti,” and “Shuga.” Wendy Shay was also featured in her song “Playa.”